Couples and Interpersonal Relationships

Are you struggling with the same arguments? Feeling a lack of physical or emotional connection? I have worked with many couples to uncover how repetitive cycles develop and continue; and to break through them. Many times, couples are not understanding each other and pushing buttons that are lifelong triggers. Learn how and why this is happening, and work together toward repair and a fulfilling relationship.

Grief and Loss

Losing a loved one is a major life event, and often traumatic in a variety of ways. Thoughts and emotions can be confusing and unfamiliar, which is quite normal. Working with a therapist can help you to understand what you are experiencing, the reactions of those around you, and to understand he transformative nature of loss. I have worked with individuals and groups in loss of spouse/partner, child, and have particular strength in working with parent loss. This work has enabled me to see people through transformations, feelings of “unfinished business” with a loved one; and adapting to a changing “new normal.”

Adolescents and Families

Is your family living under the same roof, though barely connecting with one another? Often, this type of existence is due to being too busy; coupled with lack of effective communication skills, structure, role modeling, and boundaries. Families need each other in meaningful emotional ways to thrive, and experience positive attachment. I have worked with families to open up communication, clarify and strengthen family member roles, educate on developmental norms, and facilitate family participation in establishing meaningful expectations and goals.

Childhood and adolescence is constant change, and teen years can be anxiety provoking. Parents and teens often benefit from assistance to discuss and understand their family history; as well as milestones in changing bodies, feelings, and thoughts. Many families today face battles over use of electronic devices, curfew, social and school life, grades and other concerns. Therapy can help both sides learn to establish meaningful rules and understanding around these issues; resulting in decreased arguments! I enjoy working with families and adolescents individually. Adolescents often need a place to talk and work things out with a trusted professional. Talk therapy and creative activities can help decrease depression, anxiety, acting-out behaviors, anger, impulsivity; and increase self-esteem.

Working Together